Neve 53 series console (circa 1975): 36 channels of 33114 mic pre/EQ's, 8 busses, 4 aux sends; integrated pair of 2254A compressors; completely re-capped in 2004, ultrasonically cleaned/lubricated in 2010. Click here for more info on Rupert Neve and his audio innovations over the decades.

Digidesign Pro Tools HD3 system with 32 channels of Lynx Aurora conversion. Plug ins include: Waves Mercury, Sound Toys, iZotope bundles. Monitors include: Genelec 1030, Tannoy, Bang & Olufson, Athena, Klipsch subwoofer.

Large selection of new and vintage mics by: RCA (77DX & 44), Pearlman TM-1, JZ, Audio-Technica, Groove Tubes, AKG, Beyer Dynamic, ShinyBox, EV, Shure, MXL, SE, Sennheiser, Heil, Audix and others. Outboard microphone preamps by: API, Universal Audio, No Toasters. Compressors include: Urei LA-3, LA-4 (2), 7110 (2), DBX 165A (2), Neve 2254A (2), Chandler TG1. Outboard gear by: Eventide, DBX, Drawmer, Lexicon, Roland, Kurzweil, Mercury, Blonder Tongue etc.

Unusual gear of note: Ecoplate II plate reverb, EMI TG12345 channel strip, Datamix channel strip (2), Multivox Multi-Echo tape echo, Coolsprings passive spring reverb units, Ibanez AD-150 analog delay, Moog Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Blonder Tongue Audio Baton, etc.

Stringed instruments include: Hagstrom & Fender electric 12-strings, Hammertone 12-string octave guitar, Jerry Jones electric sitar, Gibson SJ Deluxe acoustic, Washburn 12-string acoustic, Oscar Schmidt autoharp, Gretsch Duojet & Streamliner, Gibson Les Paul & 335, Fender Telecaster & Stratocaster, Fender P-Bass, Rickenbacker 4001 bass, Rickenbacker 6-strings, and many others.

Other instruments include: Custom 4-piece Keller drum kit, 1940's Slingerland Radio King snare drum, Optigan with 40 discs, Wurlitzer 140 Electric Piano, Moog Voyager monophonic synth, Moog Rogue monophonic synth, Yamaha SK-15 string synth, Crumar Orchestrator, Farfisa VIP 345 & Combo Compact organs, 1950's Hammond Chord Organ, 1920's Steinert upright piano, 1940's Baldwin Acrosonic upright acoustic piano with "Rinky Tink" selectable tack piano attachment, Tubular Bells, Yamaha Vibraphone, Omnichord, and more.

Effects pedals: many... too many. Amplifiers: a wide variety including several vintage Fenders (blonde '61 Bassman, silver Deluxe Reverb, blackface Vibro Champ, Vibroverb reissue, '68 Twin Reverb), Ampeg B-12 and B-15 bass amps, Magnatone M1, Vox AC30 reissue, SonicCord Toad combo, Lelie rotating speaker cab. Also: As a freelance writer, Pete Weiss is a frequent contributor/gear reviewer for TapeOp Magazine. As a result, there often tends to be additional equipment temporarily parked at Verdant that can be put to good use.